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South Dakota Sign Travel Agency Agreement Myself

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hello everybody and my name is jeff covington and i work for therap services and i am joined today by my colleague mimi roche out of the great state of connecticut uh i hail from albany new york and uh mimi is our one of our senior training and implementation specialists who uh you know works with our uh provider community on getting therap up and running i am the director of state implementation therap has 22 state contracts with 20 states across the united states so that is the state government has a contract with their app and we work with their provider community to use therap today's session is going to be about our information and referral module relatively new module we rolled it out a couple years ago [Music] um and uh we did it for um our first customer who used the inr module was um long-term supports and services division out of the state of south dakota so um they they work with uh the the senior community um they were going off of their old system and transferring to their app and um that was one of the one of the things that their system did um they have a um hotline uh called uh dakota at home um and that is for uh seniors and and families and people looking for for services for seniors to to call and so we developed this module for them um so we are actually one of the things that we'll talk about when we talk about this great module is how configurable it is in this particular environment this demo account that i'm going to show you um is um configured to how how they have theirs configured in in south dakota we you kind of needed a a a jumping off point um something that we could show you has some configuration in there and um so that's what i'll be showing you today is really how that their their system is set up but the way that it works the way that it flows um you know it's somewhat interchangeable based on your um you know the way that you want to use it and um it is centered around the call and that could be for you know any other reason if you have uh if you think about you know a typical information and referral system it's about people who called in and the ability to track um things that are being done based on that call and that's kind of how our our module works um and it can be used pardon me for any any sort of uh you know reason and again if you think about the traditional information and referral but it could also be used and there are some states that have um reporting hotlines so people can report instances of abuse neglect and exploitation through an 800 number and you could very easily use this system to document those phone calls all right so let's jump into it um so i have it enabled here in this account and so i'll show you a couple different things so i have administrative privileges so i am able to um set up the system so i have information and referral setup as part of my my dashboard we got a question here let's see if we can uh let's see yeah tiffany she's having a hard time um listening okay we are speaking so he's gonna send her a message okay but she you're you're able to hear me mimi yes i can hear you joe okay all right so it's a it's a a user issue okay um thank you um and so i'm able to to do this setup as i said it is highly configurable and we're going to look at that and then up here is where it says information and referral is the actual um module so where we do our documentation so i'm going to take you through the system how it is used you see we have different things here that we'll get into but the inr demographic call inr and a task an assessment so the way that it works in a great state of south dakota is they get a call okay so call new okay and the subject of the call is anonymous and the caller is anonymous and it can stay that way okay think about how does uh how does a hotline work right i'm calling you and i'm telling you that i stopped at panera for lunch um and i parked next to a uh estate vehicle that had three people with autism with uh down syndrome in it um they were locked inside the van it was a hot day um and the staff person was inside um eating a salad right and so i'm calling the hotline to tell you about this and i perhaps want to remain anonymous right so the caller can stay anonymous the subject can be anonymous as well i got my call and said hey you know um i was um i have this neighbor um seems to be having some you know behavioral problems mom can't seem to handle them um i don't know their names but hey you know i think somebody should should take a look at this talk to mom right so there's all those all those different things but let's do it as if we know the the the subject and the caller so we're gonna search we don't know if we have this person in our system yet so let's do a search okay and so we get a call um about uh about harvey garvey all right so i want to search and see if i have harvey in my system so i'm just gonna search by his last name garvey okay and i'm gonna come down here and hit search okay and it tells me that there's no nothing was found for anybody with the last name garvey okay so now i have to create an inr demographic for harvey garvey okay so i just hit create okay and it auto populates that person's last name because that's was my search okay and now i can put in the rest of the information his name is harvey mcgarvey don't know his middle name don't know i know his gender i don't know his date of birth i don't know his social security number i know that he's married um and they know his address hmm okay choose the county and we know his phone number all right and the mailing address and phone address are the same okay does do they identify as having any disabilities we'll say he has an intimate developmental disability intellectual disability this drop down for disabilities is a multi-select and it's configurable by you so you decide what goes in there not us okay we have this for the nappies this is for aging folks you can fill this out again if you if you serve people with um in the senior citizens category this is information that inrs must collect it is part of their mandate okay you can do this again if not you can just skip it right so in aging services every area area on aging services must have a inr system um in a state like south dakota that is small in population there's one the state and some states where there's a larger population or a larger geographical area they may have several area area aging agencies that collect this data and have inr systems so we've completed this demographic information as much as we can for harvey okay and now we're gonna save it all right so now we have harvey garvey as the subject and here's the demographic all right so the subject demographic so here's the demographic information about harvey garvey okay now it auto-populates harvey garvey as though as the caller but that's not necessarily true okay so now we're going to um we're going to put down who called now this time we're going to use an organization we're going to say a memorial hospital called okay and again we search there's nothing found to display okay so now we're going to create a demographic for memorial hospital and we're gonna have this demographic type va organization so it's memorial hospital that called and we're going to fill in the name of the the the person who called all right so debbie called she's from the hospital okay discharge coordinator let's say okay and so debbie has called us okay and so we've got to put in you know we've got to create a demographic for for debbie as well as memorial hospital right so we're probably not going to get this information out of debbie right and we're not going to ask debbie her gender or her date of birth or her social security number right because we don't need to know that don't need to know her ethnicity we might put down her her address of the hospital all right country state and is it all right and debbie's phone and mailing standard okay we're not going to ask debbie her disabilities or anything like that and we're just going to hit save all right so again we're documenting this call we have the call subject harvey garvey his demographic information and we have under call details the caller memorial hospital okay so now we're going to fill in all of these okay so caller type who called all right no health professional nursing home okay we already said that there was a hospital so let's call her from a hospital who were they referred by so how did they get this information a call again we'll say hospital all right again caller type referred by all configurable by you call priority configurable by you call source not configurable by you this is a default um you know obviously most of this you know it's a hotline you know inr is usually done over the phone but it could be done by fax or email or a person who just stopped by it auto populates the phone but you could change it if you needed to okay that is not configurable by you that is a default outcome so you got the call um and harvey is being discharged from the hospital and needs some services for when he gets home okay so what was the outcome of this call you got the call the hospital told you so you did a referral for assessment this is a multi-select referral for medicaid long-term care referral for non-public services referral for public services okay and we found out that harvey was a veteran and so we're gonna do a referral for veteran services okay so we have these four things again this outcome list multi-select configurable by you call topic why were they calling okay you need a caregiver services tour services and congregate meals and how about an emergency response system and the food pantry and general assistance so we got six things here okay auto populates the st call start time okay and if we wanted to we could put in the end time that is not auto generated select age group again we didn't we didn't get harvey's age if we put in harvey's date of birth this would all go populate for us okay notes so now we want to put in here what the call was about okay so rn discharge are in called that harvey was being released from the hospital to home after a one month rehab for a stroke he needs services at home to be in place prior to his discharge he lives at home with his wife and grandson his daughter is on active duty in the air force and is deployed to afghanistan okay so that's one thing we're taking a call let's let's stop here and we're gonna we're gonna skip over this event details for right now okay and we're gonna complete this call all right so now the hospital called about all this stuff that needs to happen for harvey to be released from the hospital and now we need to document actions that we took in order to be able to um you know prove that we took this call and add to them so what we're going to do is we're going to create what's known as an inr okay so we've completed the call and now we're going to create new inr okay we're going to give this a title we're going to call this harvey garvey's intake all right we have harvey's demographic information here we have the information about the call that came in in regards to harvey and what the outcome of that call was going to be and what the topic of that call was and we're going to hit save and it tells me that the inr has been successfully saved okay again all that information's here and now what we're going to do is we're going to assign tasks to people all right so let's come down here and let's hit add task so let's go back up here first outcome referral for assessment let's do that add task title assessment needed this is a text box okay task action complete assessment okay assignee so you're going to assign this to somebody okay for right now so i can show you what it looks like i'm going to just assign it to myself and the assigner it auto populates to the person logged in the reason for the the the so this task action reason and follow-up required all configurable by you and follow-up required yes or no yes okay assigned date auto-population to today and the due date and we'll give till thursday okay and i'll say uh mr garvey is being released from the hospital and needs to be assessed for home care services asap please contact debbie okay now i'm gonna hit save and it says the task has been successfully saved go back to my dashboard here in the inr section you see here that under task i have a prompt that says i have three incomplete tasks so let's click on that okay and here is that one for harvey garvey so now i open that up okay and i see that an assessment is needed okay and once i've completed that assessment i hit complete now what's great about the inr module is those prompts are user specific i choose a user to assign that task to it's not like a lot of our modules where let's say 15 people have the ability to approve a ger and that ger gets submitted and then it shows up on 15 different dashboards right and the first one to approve it approves it this does not work this way it is user specific when i choose an assignee that assignee is the only person who gets that prompt i'm going to mark this task as in as complete okay and it tells me i've successfully completed the task and while i'm in here why not do the assessment so add assessment here i choose the assessment i'm going to do the choices assessment i did it today and i can put in here what a year all right who did the assessment maybe it wasn't me maybe i gave it to um i say that uh janna did it okay all right met with mr garvey and his wife at memorial hospital to do an assessment or discharge home and services needed okay save and answer oh i didn't put that right put the right year there mimi save an answer all right new assessment and now i do version three assessment data is today and now i can go through and answer this assessment some of the assessment information comes over from the individual demographics for example i mistakenly marked harvey as a female and that came over if i had put in his date of birth that would have come over okay so now we know his date of birth all right just fill all this information in so this is an assessment that's that um it's it's it's done by a group called interrye and that is here you can also do your own assessment through what's called a questionnaire module you see this is a specific question if residing in sioux falls rapid city or north sioux city answer yes for whether or not they live in a rural area okay comments here we'll say yes oh my goodness i am so sorry so i just what happened i got booted off the internet now you might have have another google tab open are you displaying another screen maybe oh man yeah it booted me out whoops you see my dad can you see the the screen now mimi yeah like see your login page all right all right sorry about that folks all right let's go back to it let's go back to that inr and the subject's first name was harvey and there we go all right i'm going to show this assessment and that's progress um got it that is weird all right hold on a second let me go back to the dashboard and let's search assessment and then search for harvey yeah because i already started it wouldn't be in the inr okay this is weird so i think because you were booted out midway it says it's in progress and it's not allowing me to all right no big deal let's go back to that inr well you do have it says tasks incomplete two of them could it be sitting in that i wouldn't be in that i would it would be under the assessment gotcha let's just add another assessment okay caregiver assessment is pretty short hopefully i don't get booted out of that all right and we open up the questions so this is out of our questionnaire so you you dictate this quite you dictate this assessment right so you fill out you fill out one of our questionnaires um a questionnaire is is configurable you come up with the questions and the answers and the answers um you have multiple choices and options so you can say like this one for example is a check box right are you the person's save and then do yes or no so these are all but you could also have it be a drop down multiple choice so a box a radio button one of two or more and you know you have more than two options and you select one it could be an address it could be an attachment there's all sorts o different things you can do if we have time at the end i'll show you that so you would just go through and answer these questions you can also make questions answers to questions required okay close this pop-up all right and you see that the answers questions and answers show up here all right and now we just update it and now that assessment is part of the inr so we've completed inr and again you can go in you can add more tasks if need be okay look at veterans benefits task action make a referral follow-up required yes or no we won't give a reason here all right receive that all right so let's go back and so a day later we get another call about harvey alright so let's say we get a second call about harvey so we'll do call new and the subject we're going to search for and we're gonna say show me everything show me any any individuals with the last name garvey oh and there's harvey so we choose harvey all right and so now the subject of the call is harvey call details we know that that's not in there so we're going to create a new inr demographic for harvey's wife all right we don't need to put any of this in here because we already have stuff for harvey we're just going to say all right okay and you know caller type spouse call sources the phone call topic is abuse and the outcome is a referral for law enforcement okay now i'm going to come down here and instead of filling out like this notes section first i'm going to come down here and fill out this event type okay there's an individual event the event date so it happened yesterday and we'll do the address there oops all right we don't know the time okay and we're gonna say mrs garvey reported that the personal care assistant came to work yesterday and was very upset that mr garvey was asleep and woke him up by yelling at him and shaking the bed okay now we're gonna complete that a couple things i could do here i could start a new inr or i could add it to that existing inr i have for harvey i'm going to create a new one and we'll say harvey garvey oh my goodness abuse allegation all right so we have that and now i'm going to add a task we're gonna call the police and we'll say make a referral and the reason follow-up required yes okay now i go back to my dashboard refresh and i'll have that incomplete task for the referral to law enforcement and like that it's complete i alluded to under the assessments that you could do those as a questionnaire i'll show you kind of briefly what a questionnaire looks like we're going to do create questionnaire you give it a name let's call this one veterans benefits assessments save okay it says no questions are available and i want to add a question what branch of the military did the person served with okay again i can make the answer required if i wanted to do a hint they seem like most recent all right answer type so if i look at answer types boom look at all these i've got i can do a check box a multi-select a drop down okay attachment let's do a drop down save and now i give the answer options okay and we say army navy the marine corps air force and the coast guard all right go back and now we can do the next question attach honorable discharge certificate here not required answer type attachment okay and you could just do as many questions and answers as you wanted on that assessment i know of no limit to the number of questions the most i've seen is 187 there is a limitation to the answers if you do like a drop down or a multi-select and that number is 50. and i've seen that happen in a few places most notably rhode island um and basically what you do is you just divide that up into into two questions um and let's say you do like answers you know beginning with a through m and then a second question answers n through z something like that try to be creative with it but yeah there's a limitation on a number of answers to a question and that is 50. um you can also choose text either short text or multi-line long text again date time radio you do all all sorts of cool stuff with it okay and now what i want to do is on the information and referral setup under the assessment template list and those are all those that are here okay again this is the area where you would be able to for those drop downs configure them yourselves you know call priority list right we have these three you could add high medium or low right if you want to you can get rid of these and now you've got a new list as i mentioned earlier with tasks they are unique to the person who was assigned the task all right but that doesn't mean that you can't as a supervisor or an administrator find or look and find those you know so for example if you want to do a search of a test you could do that right so show me all of the tasks assigned to that jeff covington right oops see what this clown is up to right he's got all these assessments that are complete i want to see what's completed and what's incomplete or better yet show me all the assignments all the rest all the tasks assigned to jeff covington that are incomplete now i see that he has all these incomplete assignments and go fire them alright helpful if maybe you know again if somebody was assigned a task and they were they were out on medical leave you could go in and look at as a supervisor go in and look at tasks that are incomplete and assigned to them probably one of the biggest time consumers as you may have noticed was the um having to create the inr demographic for the subject as well as the caller you are able to import demographics from an excel spreadsheet so if you had that you know say you were going from one inr system to another if you could extract that information and put it in an excel spreadsheet you could upload it into our in our module all right mimi have we gotten any other questions no not at all okay covered everything all right well done alrighty if that is if there are no other questions that's kind of the the thing um you know if you're interested in the inr module again i showed it to you in an oversight account i should have said it's the beginning um but it can be in a provider account as well it is now used in several locations so it's used in south dakota for their long-term supports and services it's used in south dakota for their developmental disabilities um we use it um family to family out of the university of kansas city missouri uh you know they do a you know family to family peer thing they use us as does in alabama they have a new autism waiver and they use us they use the inr there as well so um you know if you have any questions reach out to your therap rep whether that be on a support side or the business consultant side and uh find out more all right thank you all for coming today's session was recorded if you need to look at it again it will be available on the website probably in another couple days alrighty thank you thank you mimi for joining me i greatly appreciate it thank you for having me thanks everybody for taking a time out and joining us today and we will hopefully talk to you soon bye bye now bye

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How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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