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Help me with document type sign nda new hampshire

Hi, I'm David Soble and I'm a real estateand finance attorney providing legal services throughout Michigan and Ohio. Every week I sort through emails and letterswith questions from clients and friends that relate to real estate contracts and financialdisputes. And this week a legal inquiry comes from EdithR. over in Rockwood, Michigan, who states that she and her siblings are dealing witha commercial property in her father's estate. So she writes, I have four siblings who livein different States throughout the country and my CPA wants each of us to sign an agreementwith original signatures and he wants these documents back obviously very, very shortlyand he needs the original signatures on the agreement. So her concern is that according to her, shesays that it means that she has to keep overnighting and forwarding this important original documentto each of her siblings throughout the country. Her concern is that she's afraid that it'sgoing to get lost and she asked. Certainly there are easier ways to get allparties original signatures onto the document. So there are actually the first, I would liketo know really what type of document that you're referring to. You see if the document is an agreement orany instrument that's not going to be recorded in the County property records, then generallyyes, everyone in your family can sign their own document and they can send that in toyour CPA. And that's really, if the document has tohave a provision in it and it's called a counterpart provision. So if the agreement contains a counterpartprovision, then your siblings can execute their own documents. So to sign a contract and counterparts meansthat each party to a contract will actually be signing different but identical copiesof the contract and all of the different copies together. You know, they'll come together and they'llcomplete a single agreement and any of these copies will be treated actually as an originalin a court of law for evidentiary purposes, so to speak. So yes, that's one way that you can accomplishgetting everybody to sign without having to be concerned about an original document orone original document floating around the country. Another way to execute documents that needsignatures from multiple parties is to actually go online and use an electronic signatureservice such as DocuSign or Hello. A service that secure it gives the electronicsignature provisions is a legal way to get the consent or approval on, electronic documentsor forms. So a service can actually replace a handwrittensignature in virtually any process. So that's true except for conveyance documentssuch as deeds, mortgages, or liens, which generally require the original signature ona document. However, the way to accomplish this is toall of the multiple parties. Everyone executes their own deed and theysend that document in and send it instead of sending one original document or one deedout for four signatures at different locations. I hope you found this information helpful,Edith. Definitely go online, check out DocuSign. That's a great service. For all of those who are watching, if youliked this video, please care to share it with your friends and your family. You can also leave a review on what you likeabout it, just in the comments. So feel free to write in the comments section,other topics that you'd like for us to discuss in addition to your review. And if you wish to submit your own legal questionlike the one that Edith did, then you can just email I gettons of emails every week and we sort them through my staff and myself and we get greatquestions. Edith, your question was really a good question. Also I wanted to let you know that I justreleased a new book around two months ago. It's called, Shady and it's how to protectyourself when doing business with your friends or your relatives. You can download that book for free just bygoing to our website, www. and finally, I never assumethat you would need anything from me, but if you have any questions that relate to Michiganor Ohio real estate law, contract law, or any financial disputes, please feel free togive me a call at triple eight seven eight nine one seven one five. Thanks again for watching. I'm David Soble and have a great day.

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