Let Your Addressee Assign Signer

Enable a recipient to forward your document to another contact for signing using assign signer. This feature can only be used in Advanced Forms while working with templates.

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How to set user permissions to let your recipient assign another signer

Advanced Forms allow you, the sender, to authorize the first person who signs your document to send the document for another signature. It should be noted that Advanced Forms only work with templates and each template must have more than one assigned role.

For example, if you are the hiring manager of a business, you would need to be the last person to sign. However, there are several people that would need to sign ahead of you in a specific order. In this scenario, the signing order would be the new employee’s supervisor, the new hire and then finally you, the hiring manager.

Once you enable Advanced Forms, the first person who signs would be able to send a link to the second person and then so forth until all the assigned signers have signed the document. The confirmation email for document completion will be sent to you (the original sender) once you document is complete.

To start this process, you need to create a document with more than one assigned signer. On the left side of your document edit page, you should see a list of signers. By default there is only one. However, you can add more by selecting “Edit Signers”

On the next menu screen, click the button with the silhouette of a person next to the plus. It’s below the list of signer roles and emails.


Add as many signers as you like – once you are done, tick the box next to “Sender” in the signing list. This will ensure that you’re the final signer of the document.


Make sure you leave the emails for all assigned users blank (except for yours).

Now make any last-minute changes to your document and once you are finished, make sure you save the document. You will then need to make your chosen document into a ‘template’ for the strict purpose of having access to the “Create Signing Link” button.

Click “Create Signing Link” next to the document name in the ‘Template Folder’ and a new pop up menu will show up.


Copy that link and email it to the first person you wish to have sign.

When they open the link from you, rather than going straight into a signing session, they will be taken to a page that allows them to add email addresses for each signer role. They will need to include their email in the ‘Signer 1’ section to verify that they will be the first signer.


Once the first signer recipient has finished this process, he or she will click ‘Send Invite’ to initiate the signing order. A new email will be sent to them and any following signers based on the roles that have been assigned.

As for you, all there is to do is wait until the document comes back to you for a final signature.

The vital conceptual advantage of the signNow e-signature solution for enterprise automation is really a single information area that crosses the company but reflects a distinctive business process. You may let your addressee assign signer, give an invite link to your companions, suppliers or teammates. Our advanced platform simplifies the supervision and analytical stages. It allows you to manage the workflow much more flexibly without the need for extra staff. You may indirectly refine the interaction between partners and enable them to boost customer service.

How to create a form and let your recipient assign the next signer:

  1. Create your account free of charge or sign in if you already possess one particular.
  2. You can sign in with the Single sign-on feature if you possess the PDFfiller profile.|If you have the PDFfiller account, you can sign in using the Single sign-on feature
  3. Import the data file from your portable or desktop gadget.
  4. Alternatively, you can upload the required document from your cloud storage space. Our internet-based software works with probably the most suggested repositories: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.
  5. Easily make alterations to your form with our innovative but straightforward PDF Editor.
  6. Type the textual content, include graphics, leave your annotations or comments, etc..
  7. You can create fillable elements of various kinds: text message or date, calculated or dropdown, and much more.
  8. Organize and put in place the attachment request.
  9. Insert the Signature Field for emailing to sign and collect in-person or multiple e-signatures. You can self-sign the form if relevant.
  10. Complete editing with the Done button and begin to let your addressee assign signer.

signNow is the perfect choice for automation of business procedures and solution to let your addressee assign signer and speedy tasks concluding for agencies of all levels when it comes to staff and structure. Users can collaborate both externally and internally with vendors and customers. Try out all the advantages now!

Super easy to set up and use. Not...

Super easy to set up and use. Not so easy to review a document and sign on an iphone due to lots of scrolling left and right. I also don't know how to re-send a document to someone for signature. But overall I really like it. It's a great price value.

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At first I was having some technical difficulties...

At first I was having some technical difficulties (like with any program) the technical support was amazing, and so far this signature program has been awesome, love it.

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Easy to use, takes a bit of practice...

Easy to use, takes a bit of practice and then wow! The process is a bit confusing to add a Team Member, then store a shared template for the team to use but once you figure it out, it is extremely useful and logical to prepare a document for many to use.

David R
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