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What is paperless office software, and what are the benefits of going paperless?

Companies must have document confirmation for every transaction. Generating documents and keeping hard copies is environmentally unfriendly and economically inefficient. Printing, copying, delivering, storing, and recycling or shredding documents requires resources and money. That’s why going paperless and switching to a digital document management solution has become a key business tendency.

Paperless office software is a digital solution that helps eliminate paper usage. Solutions helping to replace paper-based processes with digital workflows include document editors, cloud storage services, document-signing software, communication and reporting tools. Switching to digital document management tools has many advantages, such as:
  • Reduced time and resource spending;
  • Ease of document storage and accessibility;
  • Streamlined document sharing;
  • Enhanced data security.

Implementing tools that enable companies to create, edit, sign, and share papers electronically and integrate with other business applications speeds up daily workflows and improves productivity. airSlate SignNow is an electronic signature software that enables users to go paperless and streamline document workflows. Its powerful editor allows users to generate fillable, reusable templates, electronically sign them, collect legally-binding eSignatures, and securely store and share documents. airSlate SignNow’s many integrations make it possible to connect eSignature with third-party solutions to quickly approve agreements right within those programs without switching between tabs.

What is the best electronic signature software?

You can find multiple software for document signing solutions on the market. Choosing the one that suits your needs and budget is essential. It may require researching several solutions, considering each tool’s security, ease of use, features, integrations with other applications, and pricing.

airSlate SignNow is one of the leaders in the modern eSignature market and is excellent for both individuals and SMBs. It’s a reliable document-signing software with enterprise-level data security. airSlate SignNow stores all files with 256-bit encryption and complies with data protection regulations such as SOC 2 Type II certification, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.

airSlate SignNow has a user-friendly interface with all the best eSigning features. You can easily edit forms and create reusable templates with fillable fields. Quickly eSign forms and invite others to sign or approve them in just a few clicks – signers don’t even need to register for an account. With airSlate SignNow, you can also request payments, assign signing roles, and collaborate with colleagues on templates.

airSlate SignNow also provides users with many integrations, allowing them to use this powerful electronic signature application and run complex eSignature workflows right inside other business solutions. Its mobile application for iOS and Android enables users to eSign contracts and close deals in a few clicks anytime, anywhere. The pricing is flexible, offering several subscription plans with different capabilities, making our electronic signature capture software affordable and accessible for anyone. We believe airSlate SignNow is one of the best eSigning solutions and meets the above criteria.

How do I capture my electronic signature?

There are several ways to create a valid electronic signature, and it does not need to look just like your handwritten one. Industry regulations allow users to approve agreements by drawing their signature with a mouse, stylus, or finger; typing their name; inserting a photo of a wet signature into a document; or sometimes even using biometrics (for particularly secure transactions, like in banking). Uploading an image or drawing your signature will look similar to a pen-and-paper signature. Choose airSlate SignNow as your electronic signature capture software to create legally-binding eSignatures by drawing, typing, or uploading images of your handwritten signature. The first two signing options allow you to create realistic-looking eSignatures. When typing your name on a document, the tool enables you to stylize its look with various fonts.

How do I sign a document electronically for free?

You can find electronic signature software offering free service options; however, they usually have limited capabilities. If you need to eSign a form with a legally-binding eSignature free of charge, try airSlate SignNow and take advantage of its 7-day free trial. Get all airSlate SignNow’s Premium features and determine whether the tool suits your needs. During this period, you can sign any amount of forms with a free electronic signature and download the document on your device with a digital stamp – you’ll just need to pre-enable the Signature ID feature in your Profile.

How can I electronically sign lease contracts for free?

airSlate SignNow makes it easy to approve agreements in various businesses, as the tool complies with major industry regulations, providing users with legally valid and court-admissible eSignatures. Therefore, if you need to sign property management and commercial leasing contracts with secure and reliable electronic signature software for free, start a free trial with airSlate SignNow. During this 7-day trial, you can manage and close your deals without limits or charges. All you need to do is register for an account, upload a contract template, fill it out in the editor, and apply your signature.

You can also use our electronic signature application to easily collect eSignatures from your partners or clients. Simply add fillable fields and invite signers to eSign your contract via email or a signing link.
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