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How to choose an eSignature solution

Do you use electronically signed documents for work or personal purposes? If so, eSignature software can help! We recommend checking out a few different apps before choosing one for your business. The electronic document management sector has various competitors, so it can be challenging to discern a quality application by looking at their websites. To help you choose the right solution for you, we have compiled a list of key features for you to consider:
  • You should be able to easily eSign your document — that's the primary purpose of eSignature platforms. You want to be able to quickly eSign documents in various file formats. And, the more native the integration is with other software, the better.
  • The app should allow you to send out a document for signing. It’s even better when the recipient can eSign the document without installing a program or registering for an account.
  • Your data security is critical. Security features like encryption and two-factor authentication, as well as US and EU government compliance, ensure your information is safe and legally binding. Be sure to check the application meets your country and industry compliance requirements.
  • The availability of tools and their pricing is also helpful. You can find many eSignature services with expensive subscriptions, unclear contract restrictions, and a focus on large corporate clients. Make sure you understand what you're paying for with the service.

What is the best way to electronically sign a document?

You can quickly add your eSignature to any document on your preferred platform (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome OS). Previously, you had to print, sign, scan, and send the document back. Now, signNow makes it easy to eSign forms while keeping your data secure. You can electronically sign a PDF or any other file format in a matter of moments and send it out to the recipient. It's a quick way to collect eSignatures, get payments or approvals from any client or partner anywhere, anytime, using virtually any device.

What should modern eSignature solutions provide?

When evaluating electronic signature solutions, pay attention to the platform's price and scalability. Due to the rapid development of electronic document usage, the latest features of eSignature applications are more important than ever. See the list below:
  1. Variety of formats
    Modern eSignature solutions enable you to eSign PDFs and Microsoft Word compatible documents. In addition to that, some platforms like signNow allow you to manage presentations, images, and Excel spreadsheets. Plus, signNow provides the ability to dynamically create forms and templates using the drag and drop editor, which makes setting up an eSignature workflow easy.
  2. Document control
    Choose a service that provides all the needed eSignature tools along with industry-leading security and compliance standards defined in the US, Europe, and around the world. Check for features like two-factor authentication, disaster recovery, audit trail, data encryption, and secure storage. Plus, documents should be stored on highly-secure servers like AWS.
  3. Configurability
    The solution should be fully customizable and embedded within the existing business productivity environment. An easily programmable eSignature API should be available to create and configure eSigning workflows in minutes.
  4. Compatibility
    Modern eSignature apps must allow you to sign papers on any device, in any browser. In addition, whether you eSign forms on a mobile device, desktop app, or web browser, all documents should be synchronized in a single account.

What are the most used electronic signature solutions?

An eSignature application is an ideal tool for enhancing business document processes. Implementing it into your workflow makes it easy to manage documents and collaborate. The industry market for electronic signature software is very competitive. Most of the tools use similar protocols and technology. If you're looking for the most popular solutions, then the following might be suitable options for you:
  • signNow
  • HelloSign
  • Adobe Sign
  • DocuSign

How do I choose to eSign solutions for Real Estate?

Real Estate agencies interested in incorporating eSignatures into their workflows will find many options and tools available on the market. To help you choose the right document signing app, we've prepared a brief step-by-step guide:
  1. Assess the company's needs. Determine how many contracts, agreements, or forms you need to sign every day.
  2. Consider your usage scenarios. What types of transactions require clients to provide a signature — registration, requesting various services, making changes to existing contracts, etc. Decide how many of your employees need the application – it may be more profitable to get a corporate subscription.
  3. Ensure a smooth implementation. Before choosing the best eSignature solution, make sure the implementation process will go smoothly. To do this, evaluate the compatibility and ease of integrating a platform with your existing systems.
Doing it yourself can be difficult and time-consuming, so our support specialists and sales team are always ready to provide professional advice and help you decide on the best choice.

What is the best eSignature platform?

A good document eSigning app makes it simple and easy to sign and manage digital documents online or in the cloud. But the best solution goes beyond eSignature. In our opinion, the right platform for users should be a complete, end-to-end solution that provides you with an easy-to-use and legally binding eSignature. It should also enable real-time collaboration, cross-device compatibility, reliable authentication and identification, detailed audit trail, and smooth integration with other tools. All these and more you get with our signNow eSignature solution. Create an account today and get started today!
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