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Electronic signature for healthcare

Electronic signature has greatly simplified the process of signing medical documents. A paperless signature allows you to reduce costs by getting medical forms signed quickly and effortlessly. eSignature allows patients to sign medical records releases, advance healthcare directives, and complete other documents with a tap on a smartphone, saving time for patients and healthcare institutions.

Another reason to adopt eSignature in healthcare is to prevent documents from being misfiled, scanned improperly, or even lost. An eSignature solution minimizes the chances for these errors to happen by requiring all fields to be filled out properly before the document can be submitted. And the chances of losing your documents are close to zero since all documents are stored in the cloud service, and can be downloaded and printed out.

How to sign medical documents online

You can get healthcare documents signed online with the help of an eSignature service like signNow. By subscribing to the service, you get a set of functionalities that allow you to handle document workflows in a way that is time and cost-efficient. Upload your files to signNow, adjust them by adding fillable fields for information like dates and names, insert signature fields, and send the documents to patients for their eSignature. Having a set of templates to cover all circumstances that require signatures will minimize the time you spend on document management.

After a healthcare organization sends a document for signature, a patient receives an email with an invitation to review and sign the document. The signing process takes no longer than a minute. After the document is eSigned by all parties, both the organization and the patient receive a signed copy of the agreement. The document is then stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time by either party.

Sign a daycare contract electronically — eSignature example

Individuals can sign nanny contract templates electronically as well as daycare contracts more broadly using signNow’s eSignature solution. Once you are registered with signNow, follow these steps to send documents for eSigning:
  1. Upload a file. Upload a daycare contract template to signNow and adjust it by adding fillable fields where clients should enter their personal information. Add eSignature fields and save the document.
  2. Make a template. Return to the list of documents and click Make template on your file to be able to reuse the template and send it to be filled out by multiple clients. You can find all created templates in the Templates tab.
  3. Send the document. Click Invite to Sign, enter the recipient’s email address, edit New Document Copy Name if you wish to adjust the document’s name, and click Send Invite. Once the document is completed by the recipient, it will be marked as signed in the document list.

Is signNow HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA regulates the privacy and security of protected health information. Although HIPAA doesn’t specify any particular requirements for eSignatures, eSignature services must meet the requirements of other laws such as the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) in order to be HIPAA compliant.

signNow follows industry best practices and complies with HIPAA requirements regarding the processing and storage of protected health information. You can learn more about the service’s compliance standards and certification here. Having provided services for thousands of healthcare institutions, signNow proves to be a reliable eSignature solution for the industry.

What other signNow features can benefit healthcare organizations?

In addition to eSignature, signNow has other features that can benefit healthcare providers. One of the most commonly used features is an online form creator. Online forms are a great tool for data collection. You can create these forms by adding fillable fields into your documents, regardless of file type, and converting them into PDFs — the customizable format that lets you set editing parameters for your document and assign fields to specific individuals. The document can be then filled out by patients, allowing you to collect accurate data quickly and efficiently.

Why sign healthcare documents with signNow

eSignature technology has changed the way people and organizations handle their document workflows. And signNow delivers the highest eSignature industry standards and ensures a flawless experience for every client. The service is designed to be simple in use yet possess all the features you need at every stage of document management. signNow allows you to author, track, and manage many routine tasks, saving time and money, and eliminating the chances for human error.

signNow is available on all devices with Internet access including laptops, tablets, and smartphones (iOS and Android). Both the desktop version and the app are available for every user regardless of their subscription plan. To pick the subscription plan that meets the needs of your organization, visit signNow’s pricing page or contact the sales team. Subscribe to signNow to digitize and automate medical workflows at your organization. Start your free trial today and test the benefits of signNow’s electronic signature for healthcare.
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