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What is a fillable PDF?

PDFs (Portable Document Format) are the most popular file format. It became the #1 standard in document sharing thanks to its capability to contain and combine various types of content, including text, graphics, images, different fonts, slides, video, etc., in one file. No matter what kind of content you add to your template, it preserves the initial formatting so users can open it on any device and OS without compromising its quality. Generally, these files are secured from editing but available for viewing, printing, and sharing (if no password protection was added). To modify PDFs, you need a special form filler app or an advanced PDF editor, for example, pdfFiller.

A fillable PDF is a document that contains specific areas for editing and filling out. They work as simple online forms. You can manually enter text or numeric data, select options from dropdown fields, add checkmarks, insert a date, etc. This enables users to fill out PDF forms on a computer or online without printing them.

How to fill a PDF form

If you need to fill in a PDF form without printing and scanning it, there are several options for you to choose. First, try to open it on your device and check if you can fill out your PDF form on a computer/tablet/mobile phone. Most modern gadgets now have a default program that allows you to open and view files in Portable Document Format. If your files already contain blank boxes for entering data, you can easily complete them and save changes.

However, this method does not always work. Default PDF viewers provide users with simple editing features but do not have legitimate electronic signature options. Thus, when there’s a contract or a legal template that you need to fill and sign, consider using a professional eSignature solution, like airSlate SignNow. The service features a built-in editor that allows you to fill in any PDF form online and has tools for applying electronic signatures that are legally binding and court-admissible.

How to create a fillable form in airSlate SignNow

airSlate SignNow provides users with safe and secure eSignature workflows that include document editing. The editor is intuitive and convenient to use. It has two toolbars: the first contains fields you can add for your partners or clients to complete, and the other comprises those for your own data entry. Both panels have tools for adding text, checkboxes, initial fields, date/time of document completion, stamp, and signature. Also, you can add dropdowns, radio buttons, or calculated fields and even request file attachments. Simply upload a file to your account, open it, fill the form by dragging and dropping fillable fields, and save changes. If you misplace a data field, just click on the area to move it or delete it from the template.

How can I fill in a PDF form online for free?

Many solutions allow users to complete and approve documents electronically, but the most secure and trusted ones typically require a payment. However, such services usually offer a free trial period to test its functionality without the cost. Create an account with airSlate SignNow, start your free 7-day trial, create fillable PDF forms for free online, and approve them with legally binding eSignatures. If you need only to complete your templates without eSignature workflows, you can start your free trial with pdfFiller. This professional online document editor has a user-friendly interface and rich form-building functionality.

How to create a fillable PDF from a Word document

MS Word allows you to create text documents, edit them, correct grammar and spellcheck, and use simple graphics. It's a perfect program for word processing, and its latest versions allow users to build simple templates you can complete on your device. However, it takes time and effort to work with the Developer tab.

There’s a better solution. airSlate SignNow allows you to create a fillable PDF from a Word document with a few simple clicks. Upload a DOCX file to your airSlate SignNow account, and the platform will automatically convert it into a Portable Document Format. Open it in the editor and use the left-side toolbar to place fillable fields. Apart from the text or checkbox areas, you can adjust your template with smart fields for file attachments, dropdown and radio button lists, or fields for calculating values previously entered in the text boxes. All fields are automatically set as ‘required for completion’, but you can turn this option off or make your fillable areas appear upon a specific condition. With airSlate SignNow, you can fill and legally sign your Word document with a legally-binding eSignature. Place areas for initials, date/time of signing, and stamp. Drop signature fields for easy signing and approval, then choose how you wish to eSign: draw, type, or upload an image of your handwritten signature.

Can I fill and sign a secured PDF?

Yes, you can complete password-protected forms, but first, you will need to unlock them. Use a professional PDF editing tool, like pdfFiller, to open the encrypted documents. Enter the password to open your form, easily adjust it with fillable fields, complete, and sign it electronically.
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