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How do you create the best electronic signature for your name?

There are different software solutions for signing documents electronically. Some are cloud-based, while others can be downloaded and set up on your device. Some services provide users with limited signing tools or limit the number of daily forms you can eSign. Overall, an eSigning service needs to comply with industry regulations. In other words, it should meet data security, privacy, and signer authentication requirements according to primary eSignature laws, like ESIGN or UETA. To help you save time searching for the right solution, we recommend you try airSlate SignNow. It’s a robust, cloud-based service that meets all industry requirements and provides users with a broad set of tools for complex eSignature workflows. With its easy-to-use document editor, you can quickly create the best electronic signature for your name that can look just like your handwritten one. Simply upload a form that needs approval, open it in the editor, and click on My Signature. Then, type in your full name and customize the font style. Alternatively, you can draw your signature or add an image of your handwritten autograph.

Can I type my name for my electronic signature?

Yes, you can type your name to eSign a document. But you can’t simply type in your name with a tool like MS Word or other document editors as it will not be considered a legitimate signature. To make it valid and legally binding, utilize a compliant solution that meets eSignature regulations (ESIGN, UETA, eIDAS, HIPAA, etc.). airSlate SignNow is a reliable and award-winning eSignature solution that complies with industry standards. It meets data security, privacy, signer’s authentication, user’s intent to sign and work electronically, and audit log requirements. Therefore, all electronically signed paperwork in airSlate SignNow is legally binding and court-admissible.

To get started, create an account or start a free 7-day trial to try all advanced features. Simply upload a form that needs approval, open it in the built-in editor, and click My Signature. To create the best electronic signature for your name, type in your full name and click Change Style to choose the font. You can set this as your default signature by checking the box to apply it whenever you need to approve a form quickly.

How can I add my electronic signature in Word?

With airSlate SignNow, you can easily eSign documents in different formats, including DOC(X), PDF, XLS(X), PPT(X), PNG, JPG/JPEG, and RTF. Once you upload your Word file, the system will convert it into a PDF, which you can adjust with fillable fields and electronically sign just in a few simple clicks. When uploaded, click on your file to open it in the editor. Fill out your document or make it a fillable form using the tools from the left-side panel. Drop the My Signature field where you need to eSign. Create the best electronic signature for your name by typing and customizing it, drawing it with a mouse, stylus, or finger, or adding an image of your handwritten signature. Click Sign to apply your signature and finish editing your document with the Save and Close button above.

How can I create my electronic signature on my phone?

airSlate SignNow is a powerful cloud-based solution for electronic signatures with mobile applications available for iOS and Android. Download this application on your device to quickly sign paperwork on the go. The app also enables you to approve documents and prepare them for others to eSign – even when you’re offline. Once an internet connection is restored, simply sync your tool to finish right where you left off.

How can I send my electronic signature?

You can use airSlate SignNow to approve paperwork, send electronically signed documents to partners and clients right from your account, and invite others to eSign your forms. To do this, upload a file and open it in the built-in editor to fill out any blank fields. Create the best electronic signature for your name by typing or drawing it or adding an image of your signature. Once complete, click the Invite to Sign button to send an eSignature request to other parties or Save and Close > More > Email a Copy if no other approvals are needed.

How can I save my electronic signature?

When you create the best electronic signature for your name with airSlate SignNow, you can save the eSigned document in two ways. In your Dashboard, select your document and click More > Download to save it as a PDF on your device. If you need to save your electronic signature with a stamp containing details about the date and time of signing, navigate through My Account > Settings > Additional settings > Display airSlate SignNow eSignature ID. Then return to the Dashboard and download the file as shown above.
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