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What is a fillable form?

Fillable forms are digital documents that can be modified and typically contain fillable data fields. Many file formats have fillable forms like DOCs and PDFs. Fillable forms are useful for creating a simple questionnaire, filling out paperwork, signing legal documents, and more.

An example of a fillable form

Suppose you need to create a questionnaire with checkboxes, a dropdown field, non-editable questions, and editable text fields for respondents to type in their answers. To create one, you will need to use a service that provides this feature, like signNow. signNow allows you to add fillable fields to your documents and send them to respondents to fill out and return to you.

How to create a fillable form

You can use signNow to legally eSign documents and store them in one convenient database. signNow also allows you to insert fillable fields in Word documents making fillable forms easy to create and fill out. As a result, you get a fillable PDF file that you can share with others, download to your computer, or store in the cloud.

The most common format for a fillable form is PDF since it keeps the formatting of your document unchanged when viewing or sharing it. Also, your PDF file can be opened on any device and any web browser. Finally, PDFs allow you to add fillable fields in your document and quickly fill them out.

Four steps to creating a PDF form to fill out:
  1. Log in to your signNow account
    If you don’t have a user account yet, you can choose a subscription plan that meets your needs or get started with a free trial month. Click “Sign up for signNow for free” to create fillable PDF forms for free online.
  2. Select a file
    Click “Upload or Create” and “Upload Documents” to select the file you want to convert to a fillable form. The service allows you to convert various formats, including Word documents and scans into PDF files.
  3. Add required fields
    Use the toolbar to adjust the document according to your needs: add fillable fields, checkboxes, dropdown fields, etc.
  4. Share your fillable PDF
    Share your document with others by clicking “Invite to sign” and filling in the receiver’s email. The respondent/signee will receive an email inviting them to fill out the document you’ve shared. You will receive an email notification once the document is complete.
With signNow, you can make a fillable PDF form out of the following document formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, XML, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX. Once you add the fields, you will have a PDF document with fillable fields you can easily share for filling out.

How to fill a PDF form

Once you create a fillable document, it can be shared and filled out. If you are one of the signers, you will receive an email with an invitation to review and sign the document. Click View Document to open the file and fill out all required fields step by step. After the form is filled out and ready to submit, click Save. You may then download the file to your device, save it to a cloud, or print it out. The completion time depends on the number and complexity of questions and data fields to fill. The process of submitting the file will only take seconds.

Why use signNow

signNow empowers users to complete any type of paperwork quickly and cost-efficiently, saving you time for more strategic tasks. signNow’s multiple functionalities such as eSignature, fillable form converter, and file editor are accessible from a PC or mobile device. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy to use for both expert and beginner users. Simply import your file and adjust the document with a few clicks to get the desired result. Use signNow to create a fillable PDF from Word and other file types in a web browser or a form filler app.
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