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Do I need a digital or electronic signature for my event planning paperwork?

Digital signatures follow stricter requirements for authentication and data protection than electronic signatures. This signature type is based on asymmetric cryptography that uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt users’ data. This ensures that the signed document is authentic, integral, and not tampered with by unauthorized parties. Digital signatures are issued by local authorities and are used to encrypt documents with sensitive data.

As for paperwork related to event planning, using an electronic signature will be sufficient. If you’d like to add extra security when adding eSignatures for your documents, use signNow. signNow features tamper-proof technology, allows for two-factor authentication, and provides signers with certificates.

What is the right solution to execute event planning paperwork?

The Act that enables users to validate agreements electronically is technology-neutral, meaning it’s up to signers to choose an eSignature solution. On the one hand, there is a wide array of tools to seal the deal online. On the other hand, not all of them come with a suite of features to make the signing process safe, easy, and affordable. With that in mind, we recommend checking out signNow. It’s a cloud-based eSignature solution that features robust tools to create streamlined eSignature workflows to help you stay focused on essential event planning tasks by alleviating the paperwork burden.

With signNow, you can create and collect legally-binding eSignatures, gather information from other parties through fillable forms, and route the data using integrations with popular services. Our solution works across web- and mobile-based platforms. The signNow mobile app offers offline and in-person signing (Kiosk Mode). Data security is a top priority. Whether you need to sign an event planner contract online involving two signers or manage a complex multi-party agreement, signNow protects you against unauthorized access.

Is it legal to sign an event vendor contract online?

An event vendor agreement is a legally-binding contract between two or more parties involved in the event planning process. It outlines the obligations and terms of establishing a business arrangement with a vendor. Under the Electronic Signatures in Global Commerce Act, businesses can seal contracts with eSignatures. Vendor contracts are no exception – as long as the parties consent to sign electronically. You can use any eSignature solutions that comply with eSignature laws and follow the required data protection standards.

How do I sign a performance contract electronically?

signNow’s eSignature application helps you conveniently sign a performance contract electronically. signNow is a reliable and industry-compliant tool that allows you to send and sign documents – from home, the office, or wherever your day takes you. All you need to do is upload a document, create and add your signature, and save the changes. Easily add your signature and collect them from other parties. In addition, you can turn your contract into a fillable form and request information, payments, and attachments through the fillable fields directly from the document.

Is there a way to sign an event planner contract online on the phone?

As an event planner, part of your duties involves traveling to venues and negotiating with partners and vendors outside of the office. Event planners must have all the needed tools at hand to plan and execute their events. signNow is a multi-purpose and cross-platform eSignature tool that enables stress-free signing on the go – online and offline. You can certify documents in a mobile browser or use a mobile app available on Android and iOS. With signNow, all signatures added to your contract will have the same legal standing as wet signatures. Signing a document is only one of the many tools signNow offers. Create fillable forms to collect information, payments, and signatures. Easily set up eSignature workflows, track document completion status, and route collected data automatically to your CRMs – all from one secure cloud-based solution.

Can I have a vendor sign an event vendor contract in person?

Yes, signNow enables users to collect signatures in person. To collect legally-binding signatures in person with the signNow app, simply enable Kiosk Mode. To proceed with in-person signing, upload a vendor contract to your phone or tablet, use annotation fields if the document requires edits, and add fillable fields to collect the required information and signatures. Then, go to Menu > start the Kiosk Mode > type in the password you will use to exit Kiosk Mode > customize the welcome and thank you message > click Begin Kiosk Mode. The completed document will be automatically saved in the cloud. You can access executed documents at any time, from any device.
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